Algebraic equation sa kanayunan: Sariwang damo plus malusog na Kalabaw equals Sariwang gatas ng kalabaw

The Beginnings

Mr. Michael Pascual, a resident of Barangay Minabuyok in Talavera, Nueva Ecija started his journey as a dairy farmer in 2009. Originally, he got his source of income from rice farming and from tricycle driving. He is one of the founders of the Bagong Pagasa ng Bagong Talavera Multi-Purpose Cooperative in 2010.

The Dairy opportunity began …..

Also in 2010, the Bagong Pagasa ng Bagong Talavera MPC became one of the recipients of the “25 heads Buffalo Modules” from the Philippine Carabao Center, National Headquarters and Gene Pool, Science City of Munoz. From these, Mr. Pascual started with two (2) heads of dairy buffalo.

The Mobile Milking Machine SSF

In 2013, the DTI under its Shared Service Facility (SSF) project provided the cooperative with two (2) units of mobile milking machines and five (5) stainless milk buckets. By then, Mr. Pascual had already nine (9) heads of dairy buffalo. One unit was entrusted to him. Dairying became msmeasier for him as he relates. Before, six (6) liters of milk was harvested from one Buffalo in 10 to 15 minutes. With the use of milking machine, two (2) dairy buffalos can be milked with a harvest of 12 liters in the same 10 to 15 minutes. The SSF helped him in saving time and energy. At present, Mr. Pascual maintains 45 heads of dairy buffalo including several offspring.

Jobs Generation

Having gained National Certification from TESDA as a dairy farm owner, Mr. Pascual is technically an accredited trainer for dairy farm management and maintenance. His farm helpers had the opportunity to earn more in Japan and New Zealand with the employment opportunities provided by the dairy farms in these countries to Philippines.

As of 2017, he employs 20 persons trained for employment abroad. Last year, he sent five (5) persons to Japan benefitting Singkaw ng Buhay ARC Cluster, Vaca Valley ARC in Llanera and Munoz Old ARC in Science City of Munoz. This April 2018, he will be sending one (1) person to Japan.

As a Progressive Dairy Farmer

Mr. Pascual shares that he is so thankful to God for the blessings of dairying to him, his family, his fellow Filipinos in the countryside and the DTI for all the interventions they have provided and which helped improve the business operation. He and his wife Cecile are both happy sending their children to school with their hard earned money from dairying. Farm improvements, owner type Jeep and 2 tricycles were procured from their yearly savings. They look forward to helping more people in the community in the years to come by teaching them how to do dairy farming professionally with a heart.

The Secret of Success

It remains to be “sipag at tiyaga” and talino.