“Two heads are definitely better than one and by brainstorming as a team and sourcing ideas from each other, we have better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow our business to overcome any challenges.”

Blue Whale Enterprises was established in April 2014, as a sole proprietorship specializing in souvenir and corporate item printing. It started as a simple silkscreen printing business of a husband-and-wife tandem, with an initial capital of Php20,000.

Initially, the motivation of Mr. & Ms. Delos Reyes to start a business was inspired by the tourism economic boom brought by the Kris TV feature in Baler, as well as promotions and endorsements given by the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino. The particular TV feature marked Baler, Aurora on the map, inviting various guests from all over the country, and eventually boosting various businesses, most especially tourism-related ventures such as souvenir items.

The couple’s interest to venture into business was influenced by Mr. Delos Reyes’ innate skills in graphic design. Together with the help of Mrs. Delos Reyes’ father, they started setting-up a small stall in the Municipal Plaza, armed with a box filled with shirt items for sale. When their souvenir t-shirts were patronized by many customers because of their unique, simple yet elegant designs, they started to produce more and accepted more orders.

After considering the financial potentials and possibilities of having a big market, and with the booming tourism industry as an excellent opportunity, the couple decided to give entrepreneurship a try; thus, the birth of Blue Whale Enterprises.

In June 2014, when tourist arrivals increased sharply, there was a sudden demand for souvenir items. This made the company decide to take up a loan to augment their working capital. They started applying for a loan amounting to P250,000.00. They used this to produce more items to meet the increasing demands as a result of the increasing tourist arrivals.

Mrs. Delos Reyes started to access the support of the government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). They participated in trade fairs organized by DTI. In 2015, when the first DTI Negosyo Center in the province was launched in Baler, they were the ones who sought assistance from the Center. Ms. Delos Reyes attended various seminars & trainings conducted by the Negosyo Center. With the learnings gained from her attendance, she was proud to have seen their business growing. She quoted that “DTI Negosyo Center’s services had significantly influenced changes in their operations thereby allowing opportunity to improve further their business thus ensuring success.”

Through efficient business strategy, right timing, as well as good and established relations with trustworthy supplier, the business further expanded. As a testimony to their trustworthiness as a client, their supplier began to offer a credit line, where more transactions were dealt.

As their business expanded, assets also increased significantly. Currently their assets amount to almost Php 2,000,000. Out of school youths were also given a chance to work in the enterprise as assistant, sales clerk and designer. At present, they have three outlets. Aside from customizable shirts, they are also offer car stickers, mugs, refrigerator magnets, tarpaulin printing, panaplex and other souvenir items.

Prepared by: GIZEL M. OMBOY
NC Baler- BC