DTI is intensifying the conduct of consumer education program to raise the level of awareness and understanding of consumers, as well as the students on Basic Consumer Rights and Responsibilities and the Salient Features of the Republic Act 7394, otherwise known as Consumer Act of the Philippines. Raising consumer protection and awareness will benefit the students and the nation in the long run.

Recognizing that students or the academe can be effective stimuli to consumer awareness, thus series of consumer education was conceptualized.

DTI-Laguna conducted 15 runs of consumer education and advocacy at different high schools in the province of Laguna. A total of 571 students and teachers participated in the said activities.

Based on the post-training evaluation, participants were satisfied because they learned and became knowledgeable regarding the Salient Features of the Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines, Eight Consumer Rights, Five Consumer Responsibilities and Seven Types of Consumers.

DTI believes that through this program, they can help developed and formed more consumers who are vigilant in buying products and availing of services. Consumers will be more conscious and cautious in selecting products and services with an assurance of quality, safety and competitive price since they should not compromise the health, safety and welfare of their family by patronizing products that are cheaper, but of low quality and substandard. Thus, it will minimize the exploitation of consumers by unscrupulous traders and lessen the proliferation of uncertified and substandard products.