Name of Owner: Clarisse A. Quimio

Name of Business: Mini Moo Ice Cream

Line of Business: Frozen Desserts

When The Business Started: February 12, 2014

How long the business is operating: 4 years

Clarisse has always loved ice cream since childhood. She believes that ice cream is the most integral part of any celebration—not cake or balloons. In fact, her ideal job has always been to be an ice cream taste tester. When she grew, she studied hard and received a degree in BS Biology major in Microbiology from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Years later, with the help of her network of Microbiologists and other professionals, she finally was able to create her own ice cream business—Mini Moo Ice Cream.

Mini Moo Ice Cream first started selling their ice cream along the streets of F.O. Santos near UPLB gate in February 2014. She shouted “Free Taste! Ice Cream!” to the passers-by going to UPLB’s Feb Fair. Word-of-mouth from satisfied customers grew Mini Moo’s customer base.

As a fresh entrepreneur, Clarisse stuggled in managing her business. In the first two weeks, the new shop was talked about as the “ice cream-an sa F.O.” for there was no logotype made for the her business name yet. However, she slowly get the hang of managing her business and made it grow.

Mini Moo have had their share of failures. They opened a branch in front of Letran University in 2015 but closed it down after only three months. The Letran branch served ice cream as well as rice meals. Clarisse was not able to manage two branches simultaneously. Being a sole proprietor without her own vehicle, managing the two branches was putting too much strain on her health. She decided to close down the Letran branch and planned for a more stable growth strategy. Clarisse then enrolled in UPLB’s Master of Management program to have

formal education in managing a business. She finished her management degree last February 2018. Now in its fourth year, Mini Moo is set for a real growth phase.

Mini Moo Ice Cream serves almost a dozen of unique ice cream flavors that customers could try again and again. They are considered “LOYAL CUSTOMERS.” The company is dependent on one-market at present- The UPLB Community that exhibits seasonality. Significantly smaller market during summer and school vacations. Proper management of capital specifically cash has to be done in order to survive and keep the operation going.

Apart from achieving four successful years of operations, they have recently opened a new branch that is nearer their customers. This new branch reduces the walking distance of customers by 50% and has higher visibility to potential new customers.

The Negosyo Center has helped the business owners meet fellow business owners around Laguna. This has opened new possibilities for Mini Moo in terms of collaborations, and sharing of ideas.

The Negosyo Center provided seminars that are highly relevant to the growth of Mini Moo. In particular, the most useful seminars for Mini Moo are 1) Packaging & Product Labeling, and 2) FDA Licensing Process & Documentation. The former is very helpful because they have the plans of applying for the business Trademark soon. The latter is very helpful in the planning for the development of new product lines like ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and other types of ice cream. These seminars have helped them create a more solid plan for the business.

Aside from filing their logo as a Trademark, they intend to put up more branches outside Los Baños. They are also developing new product lines that are still related to the current set of products (frozen desserts) to keep their customers interested.

As a BS Microbiology graduate, Clarisse realized that can it be useful for product development but not so much in growing a business. She enrolled her Master of Management in 2015 to have a formal education on business management. This year, she will be finishing her Master’s degree and has a holistic and professional understanding in the proper management of a small business.

Her final words. “Never stop learning”. Every business is unique so take all the opportunities possible that will help you learn more about everything that can affect your business. Read books. Enroll to classes, trainings and seminars to keep your mind sharp.

Talking costs zero pesos so talk to your customers to understand how you can serve them better. Talk to your employees; they will always have good suggestions on how to improve your operations. Talk to your suppliers; your feedback to them will help improve their offerings to you. Talk to your neighboring businesses; in dire times, they will be the first ones to be on your aid. Talk to government agencies; they always have programs that assist growth of SMEs.

Don’t skimp on communication. The only expensive advertisement is the one that did not generate a sale.

Treat your employees fairly and with respect. They spend more time in the business than you do. They face more of your customers than you do. If they feel valued, they will love your business. If they love your business, they will perform well and do honest work.

Contact Details:


F.O. Santos, Batong Malake,

Los Baños, Laguna

FB: @MiniMooIceCream