DTI with Guimaras Consumer Groups 1DTI with Guimaras Consumer Groups 2
Recipients of the eco-bags and information materials given by DTI as part of its campaign.

Consumer organizations in the Province of Guimaras received consumer eco-bags and information materials, as part of the advocacy, information and education campaign program of the DTI.

The eco-bags are adorned with the eight consumer rights and the five consumer responsibilities.

The consumer rights are: Right to Basic Needs, Right to Safety, Right to Information, Right to Choose, Right to Representation, Right to Redress, Right to Consumer Education and the Right to a Healthy Environment.

The five consumer responsibilities, on the other hand, are critical awareness, action, social concern, environmental awareness and solidarity.

DTI reminds consumers to be vigilant of their rights and responsibilities. Aside from the eco-bags, posters, flyers, newsletters and brochures were also distributed to the consumers to increase awareness on the new programs, projects and activities of the department.

DTI believes that continuous partnership between the government and the consumers are vital.  This is to ensure vigilance and protection. To date, there are 12 active consumer organizations assisted by the DTI in the Province of Guimaras.