coffee value chain analysis workshop
Participants of the VCA and Upgrading Workshop from DTI 8 and DA 8.

DTI 8 Conducted a Value Chain Analysis and Upgrading Workshop for R8 Coffee Industry on May 24, 2017 at the Dept. of Agriculture RFO8 Conference Hall.

The workshop was attended by various stakeholders of the cacao industry, Officers of the Department of Agriculture and Department of Trade and Industry, who, all together, want a breakthrough in the industry.

The activity aims to promote inclusive, innovative, competitive and sustainable coffee industry development in the region; and, to enhance income opportunities for coffee producers, processors and other livelihood beneficiaries and business operators in the value chain.

It was divided into four sessions as it validates the region’s coffee value chain map. The group pinned the coffee industry’s present scenario; where the region what to head- identifying the vision, goals and objectives; and the means to achieve it.

It was a productive upgrading workshop that the department looks forward for its fruitful yields.