bamboo industry meeting
PD Michael Nuñez talks about the potential of bamboo in the region

Did you know that there are 62 species of bamboo in the Philippines? Did you also know that Kawayan Tinik, Giant Bamboo, Bolo and Buho are the top 4 species that can be found in Region 8?

On May 26, 2017, the Department of Trade and Industry conducted a Value Chain Analysis (VCA) and Upgrading Workshop for Region 8 Bamboo Industry at the Hotel Alejandro, Tacloban City. This activity was enjoined by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and various stakeholders to jump-start in localizing the Region 8 Bamboo Industry Value Chain Map.

The event ought to increase awareness, localize and validate the Philippine National Industry Bamboo Development Road. DTI would want to prioritize addressing the industry’s challenges and in order to maximize its opportunities.

According to one of the participants, Mr. Jophil Pedrita of Samaritan’s Purse, there are more than 39, 000 bamboo seedlings planted in the Northern Barangays of Tacloban City through their livelihood program that can comprise a chunk of the industry in the near future.

Bamboo is a promising industry as it finds its potential market of public educational facilities, homestyle and wearables including high value luxury furniture.

At the end of it, the Department would want to see a quick-wins action plan that will lead to agreed vision and long term goals for the Bamboo Industry in the region.