The Diskwento Caravan rolling store returned to Barangay Mampang for its final stop last 23 June 2020. The rolling store served 198 consumers and generated sales amounting to P98,340.00.

This is the Diskwento Caravan rolling store’s final stop, as scheduled by the Department of Trade and Industry – Zamboanga City Office (DTI-ZCO).

“This will be the final run of the Diskwento Caravan rolling store, unless we see that there is still the need for it to visit the barangays. We believe that that the consumers are already able to access stores for their basic necessities with more ease. Going back to the roots of this special program, we can see that it was launched with the intent to provide consumers access to their basic needs during the state of public health emergency. It was during those times that many if not all stores have ceased operating, and the movement of people and transportation were limited”, remarked Ms. Grace DC. Aduca, Provincial Director of the DTI-ZCO.

Boxes of goods at the Diskwento Caravan rolling store in Barangay Mampang, Zamboanga

The Diskwento Caravan had its first run on 7 April 2020. In three months, the rolling store had a total of 23 runs and visited 22 barangays. The rolling store was also able to serve 11,343 consumers and generated sales amounting to P5,094,574.94.

The DTI-ZCO has partnered with thirteen private companies in the conduct of the Diskwento Caravan. Those who have participated were: OK Department Store and Supermarket, ZC Fast Distribution Inc., GABS Creation, Best Reach Out Sells Inc., Jacob/Klee Trading, Ritchjoy Marketing, Welmar Marketing, Wellmade Manufacturing Corp., Goldstone Marketing, WESMIDCO Inc., Surequick Marketing Inc., Kasiyahan by Smartbees Inc., and OLA Food Products.

GABS Creation and Kasiyahan are both enrollees of the DTI’s One Town One Product NextGen (OTOP NextGen) Program.

The DTI’s Diskwento Caravan rolling store is jointly conducted with Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Kadiwa on Wheels. ♦

Date of Release: 3 July 2020