Recategorization of Some Business Establishments or Activities under Category IV to Category III. The following business establishments or activities are recategorized from Category IV to Category III, and thus, are allowed to reopen beginning 01 August 2020 at thirty (30%) percent operation capacity, subject to the mandatory minimum health standards protocols provided under Annex “B” and respective protocols per business establishment and activities: a. testing, tutorial (Annex “C”), and review centers (Annex “D”); b. gyms, fitness centers, and sports facilities but limited to individual workouts only. Group workout sessions composed of two (2) or more persons (e.g. zumba, yoga, pilates, etc.) shall be strictly prohibited; (Annex “E”) c. internet cafes; (Annex “F”) d. dermatological clinics offering aesthetic procedures; (Annex “G”) e. other personal care services (except full-body massage services); (Annex “G”)

Memorandum Circular 20-44: Prescribing the Recategorization of Some Business Activities from Category IV To Category III, Additional Services Allowed for Barbershops and Salons, Adjustment of Operating Hours, and Amendment Of The IATF Negative List.

You may access the full MC through this link.