Philippines’ Source Book

How to Become a Supermarket Supplier

How to Become a Department Store Supplier: A Guide for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

The following Source Books are currently available at P200.00 each:
  1. Metro Manila Food Source Book
  2. Northern Luzon Food Source Book
  3. Visayas Food Source Book
  4. Coco Coir Industry Source Book
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  • Directory of Raw Material Suppliers and Raw Materials Catalogue
The catalogue is a series of publications, which showcase a variety of indigenous raw materials used in manufacturing Philippine products. It provides the scientific names of raw materials, its biological structures, economic uses, and places in the country where they can be found. It also contains list of raw material suppliers and contact information.
Published in 2005: The Philippine Raw Materials Catalogue: Wearable, Gifts and Holiday Décor – features a variety of indigenous raw materials used in wearable, gifts and holiday decors such as bamboo, bast fiber, climbing ferns, reeds, herbs, erect palms, climbing palms (rattan), sedges and rushes, screw pines (pandan), woody pines, leather, seashells, beads and components.
Published in 2006: The Philippine Raw Materials Catalogue: Furniture, Furnishings, and Loomweaving. This volume features raw materials used in the furniture, furnishings and loomweaving industries such as rushes, grasses, woody vines, screwpines, erect palms, bamboo, tree plantation species, fibers, fossilized/skeletonized leaves, and butterfly.
Published in 2007: The Philippine Raw Materials Catalogue:  Beads, Carabao Horns and Bones, and Seashells. It features the uses of beads, carabao horns and bones, and seashells in manufacturing Philippine products.
Published in 2009:  The Philippine Raw Materials Catalogue:  Asian Green Mussel, Banana, Coconut, Corn, Fish Scales, Manila Palm, Recycled Materials, Sabutan, Water Hyacinth and Woven Fibers. It also includes a step-by-step guide in making the raw materials manipulations.
  • Trade Associations Directory 2010 – 2011 (Available in CD installer)
The Directory is updated and published every two years. It contains lists of various trade association members with its contact details and product/service lines.  It covers the following sectors: 
Agricultural products
Automotive parts and accessories
Chamber of Commerce
Chemical and chemical products
Fashion accessories
Fresh and processed foods
Furniture and furnishings
Garments, Textiles and Similar Products
Gifts, toys, and housewares
Hotel and restaurants
Info-tech, electronics, and electrical products and services
Metal products
Non-metal products
Paper products
Resource based products
Others not elsewhere classified
  • Philippine Food Product Catalogue (Available in Print and CD installer)
This features 111 Philippine manufacturers/ exporters offering a wide array of products in the following food sectors:
Snack foods
Baked products
Processed fruits and vegetables
Wines and beverages
Sauces and condiments
Processed meat products
Frozen/processed marine products
Organic and natural products
Other food products
It also features the Philippine food industries, regional and provincial food products/delicacies, and One Town One Product (OTOP) Program.
  • SME Marketing Guidebooks
Paano Maging Supplier, Isang Gabay Para sa SMEs (10 booklets, Tagalog version)
The booklets/guidebooks contain basic guidelines and requirements of various buyers that a supplier should know to help them in selling their products and/or services to major buyers such as supermarkets, office and school supplies stores, department stores, hotels and resorts, government offices, and fastfood and restaurant chains.  It is also a guide for would-be entrepreneurs on how to start a business.
Office and School Supplies Store
Department Store
Hotel and Resort
Fastfood and Restaurant Chain
Paano Maging Certified Food Supplier?
Paano Magbenta ng Produkto o Serbisyo?
Paano Maging Halal-Certified Food Supplier?
  • Source Book for Food Manufacturing
This publication contains directory of suppliers of food products, equipment, packaging, and services related to the food sector. 
–  First publication covers sources in Metro Manila and was published in 2005.  
–  The second edition covering suppliers of Mindanao food sectors was published in 2008.
–  Third publication covers sources in South Luzon and was published in 2009.

Free for download: Paano Maging Franchisee