By Philexport News and Features

20 October 2018

Published also in Business Mirror

THE demand for health and wellness packaged food and beverages is growing in Australia due to the continued increase in health consciousness.

“Health and wellness concerns remain a key focus guiding the food and beverage purchasing decisions of Australian consumers,” said a report by a market research firm, Euromonitor.

The Euromonitor Digest, released by the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau, attributed the rise of health-conscious consumers in Australia also to manufacturers’ continuing innovation to cater for growing consumer demand for healthy products.

Within food, it cited the focus on natural ingredients and a switch to low-sugar varieties.

Concerns on fat consumption have been allayed by reports, which highlight the place of healthy fats, such as avocados, within a varied diet.

In beverages, Australian consumers continued to turn away from sugar-laden drinks, such as carbonates and juices, and opted for healthier alternatives, such as carbonated and flavored water and cold-pressed juices.

“Manufacturers continued to promote the functional use of their products to enhance the energy and overall well-being of consumers,” the report said.

It noted the use of natural ingredients to promote sustainable energy as a trend observed in beverages.

The Euromonitor Digest said concerns around ethical and sustainable food production remained key drivers in the growth of organic food and beverages in Australia.

“Organically grown produce also appeals to the health and wellness concerns of consumers, as these products are free from pesticides and the use of other strong chemicals, which are considered harmful to one’s health,” it said.

The report added organically grown food is likewise promoted as being more nutritionally dense and better tasting than non-organically grown food.