19 January 2019

By PHILExport News and Features

Published also in Business Mirror

THE demand for healthy food, particularly fresh fruit, is growing in Australia as more consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious.

“The rising demand for healthy food that can be consumed on the go is among the major contemporary trends in the Australian food industry. Fruit is particularly well suited to this demand trend and many types of fruit are portable, easy to eat and very nutritious,” the Euromonitor Digest said.

The report, released by the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau, said apples are becoming increasingly popular as snacks and new varieties are regularly launched in the category, including the small Rockit variety, which is particularly suited to snacking.

Bananas are also popular snacks, as well as the base for smoothies, while blueberries are becoming more popular as the supply increases and prices become more affordable, it said.

The report noted that encouraging consumers to increase their fruit intake will be the key to driving sales growth.

“Nevertheless, increasing health consciousness is set to boost demand for certain fruits due to their inherent health benefits,” it said, citing the rising demand particularly of blueberries and other berries due to their perceived antioxidant properties.

Avocadoes, which are tracked under other fruits, have also been experiencing “very high demand,” with avocadoes claiming “superfood” status during the review period, it added.

The report said the growth of café culture has also spurred demand for avocado on toast, a particularly popular healthy brunch option.

“The improving domestic supply will allow for more affordable prices which, in turn, will drive further increases in demand,” it said.