By Maria Jobellieza Alzate / Policy Advocacy Officer, Export Development Council


DR. ENRICO Basilio, chairman of the Export Development Council Networking Committee on Transport and Logistics (EDC- NCTL) and private-sector cochair man of the National Competitiveness Council Trade Infrastructure Transport Logistics (NCC-TITL) Working Group, discussed the initial study regarding the freight cost and other fees charged by international shipping lines.


The study was presented in a forum organized by the Export forum organized by the Export Committee on Transport and Logistics (EDC-NCTL), together with the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc. (PhilExport), the Department of Trade and Industry, Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Dr. Basilio emphasized the need to validate the cost and understand the cost components charged to exporters and importers.


Other issues raised in the forum were the nonrefund of container deposits, exorbitant imposition of demurrage and detention charges and illegal imposition of lien, exorbitant charges for container imbalance or equipment cost return surcharge imposed by shipping lines to Philippine consignees of cargoes.