DTI-EMB Relaunches Tradeline Philippines
Business Mirror
December 7, 2016

IN an effort to enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of local exporters as suppliers of quality goods and services to global markets, as well as help develop potential exporters, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) is set to launch on December 7 the enhanced Tradeline Philippines during the National Export Congress (NEC) at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC). “Tradeline Philippines is positioned as DTI-EMB’s main information and communications technology [ICT] tool in providing its stakeholders with an integrated export information system that will deliver regular trade statistics reports, market and product information, supplier and buyer databases and other trade-related information through the Internet,” EMB Director Senen M. Perlada said.

Accessible via www.tradelinephilippines.dti.gov.ph, the Web-based portal features an interactive online Trade Statistics to the public and a business-intelligence platform to registered exporters and foreign buyers through the business-matching system, which are all available for free.

“The DTI is at the forefront of providing innovative services to its customers and this is EMB’s way of employing technology to make doing business a lot easier. We hope our target audience will take full advantage of this free service so they can get timely and relevant information, as well as develop new markets and buyers,” Perlada added.

Through www.businessmatching.dti.gov.ph, Tradeline Philippines’s business platform for registered foreign buyers and local suppliers, buyers can easily search for available Philippine products or raw materials and transact business by contacting the suppliers through the dashboards the system will provide.

This means registered exporters will have their own Web presence, where they can post their products for business matching with the requirements of foreign-based buyers. Registered buyers will also have their own facility to match their requirements with the products being marketed by Philippine exporters.

As a value-added service to EMB-assisted exporters who are already included in EMB’s database, these exporters have been preregistered and just need to activate their account once they receive a notification e-mail from the EMB. Once the account is activated, exporters can start signing in via www.businessmatching.dti.gov.ph, the business intelligence platform of Tradeline Philippines, to update or modify their account. A User’s Manual for both buyers and suppliers is also downloadable at the web site for easy reference and guide.

Hand in hand with various export trade-related government and private agencies, institutions and organizations that work with the promotion and development of the country’s exporters, Tradeline Philippines is expected to propel the growth of the export industry.  The Philippine merchandise exports finally broke into positive territory in September 2016 after languishing in negative territory during the previous 17 months.

The 5.1-percent year-on-year (YOY) growth in September tempered the year-to-date (YTD) decline of Philippine merchandise exports to 6.2 percent, representing a moderate improvement from the negative 7.8-percent figure posted in the first eight months of the year.

The better-than-expected export performance in September 2016 partly contributed to the country’s strong third-quarter GDP expansion at 7.1 percent, which has prompted the Asian Development Bank to raise its 2016 full-year forecast for the Philippines anew to 6.8 percent.□

Victorino Soriano, Chief Trade-Industry Development Specialist, Knowledge Processing Division, Export Marketing Bureau, Department of trade and Industry

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