DTI issues circular on proper use of certification marks
Business Mirror
February 15, 2017

CITY OF MALOLOS—The Department of Trade and Industry’s Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) issued a memorandum circular to clarify the proper use of the Philippine Standard (PS) and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks on products under mandatory certification.

The BPS disseminated Memorandum Circular 16-04, or the Clarificatory Policy on the Use and Monitoring of the Product Certification Marks, prescribed by Department Administrative Order (DAOs) 04:2008 and 05:2008 and their implementing guidelines to address concerns of manufacturers, importers and traders on the use of the prescribed PS mark logo and on the location where to affix the ICC stickers.

The circular specifies how a PS mark or an ICC sticker should be affixed; and provides the appropriate dimensions and design of the PS mark; and the verification process for the marks.

The circular also specifies the PS or ICC mark should be placed on the product. As exceptions, the circular indicates when a mark/sticker is not practicable, such as on a ballast, lamp, circuit breaker, electric tape, wires and cables, and flat cord; and when affixing the sticker will cause damage to its original packaging, such as on a television set, air-conditioning unit, refrigerator and microwave oven.

The correct design of the PS mark, including the license number, is prescribed in Annex C of the IRR of DAO 04:2008. The PS license number shall be part of the PS mark indicated at the bottom of the said mark.

On the verification of the PS mark or ICC sticker, the circular also indicates the manufacturers and importers shall allow the DTI monitors and enforcers to access their stock room or warehouse to verify their product inventories bearing either the PS or the ICC mark. When a manufacturer or importer fails to present the appropriate product’s box/package, the circular cites it shall be construed as a violation of the provisions and be dealt with in accordance with established rules and policies.

Signed on August 19, 2016, BPS Memorandum Circular 16-04, or the Clarificatory Policy on the Use and Monitoring of the Product Certification Marks Prescribed by the DAO 04:2008 and 05:2008 and the Respective Implementing Guidelines took effect after its publication in a national newspaper of general circulation last December 16.

DTI-BPS Officer-in-Charge Marimel D. Porciuncula said, “More importantly, this circular will benefit the consumers. Considering the industry has been clarified on the issue of where to place the PS and ICC marks on a certified product, it will be easier for consumers to locate these marks thus, are assured of their safety.”