Published on Business Mirror

29 August 2017

THE Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) is again promoting its “Exclusively by Hand” brand during the Good Design Marunouchi in Tokyo, Japan, from September 11 to 25.

The DTI-EMB is joining the exhibit again in cooperation with the Philippine Trade Investment Section, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Tokyo, Japan Institute of Design Promotions, Japan Management Association Japan Retailers Association and Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote home and fashion design products and services at the exposition.

Following through the success of the initial attempt to promote design services through the Philippine business-matching mission at the Good Design Marunouchi in 2016, the Outbound Business Matching Mission (OBMM) in 2017 will be held to sustain the Philippine branding of Exclusively by Hand and for Philippine design services to have a consistent presence and position in the Japanese market. The Japanese are known to love products designed with indigenous materials that are practical enough for regular use and are predominantly handmade.

Philippine designs and execution by craftsmen and women have become artisanal with a unique sense of sophistication that entice Japanese interest.

The venue is Good Design Marunouchi, where the Marunouchi Naka Dori Avenue introduces the “total quality life” concept—a place where an array of high-end brand shops, lifestyle-themed stores like Hermes, Baccarat, Rimowa, Comme des Garcons, Follie Follie, La Maison du Chocolat, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Jo Malone and Tiffany & Co. are located.

Philippine participants are Zacarias 1925, AdanteLeyesa Atelier, Filip + Inna, AnnTiu (by Ann Pamintuan), Calli Fashion, Joanique Inc., Bella Trading and Services (Beatriz Accessories), AranazDelujo Inc., MarconoliCustodio Shoe Design & Leather Craft, Mele + Marie and CSM Philippines.

For 2017 the exhibit tells the story of the people of the Philippines. The objects narrate the country’s ideas of beauty and the desires of its people. A new exhibit of original design with product showcase and business-matching sessions will be conducted as major components of the OBMM in Tokyo for the Philippine design sector. The mission will be participated in by 11 Filipino designers with the banner theme Exclusively by Hand. Designers will be able to draw clients looking for customized concept designs that can be applied to global brands by way of brand designing.

This year’s Exclusively By Hand carries the theme “Indigenous”. The event promotes a new breed of designs providing authentic, original and intricate Filipino craftsmanship. The mission puts together the latest collections from the collaboration of the country’s young, promising, and multiawarded established designers.

Use of natural materials is the main feature of Exclusively by Hand Indigenous theme considering the Philippines is well endowed with minerals and is reported to rank third in gold, fourth in copper, fifth in nickel and sixth in chromite deposits in the world based on land mass. The richness of the Philippines in terms of mineral resources is attributed to its location at the western fringes of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The Philippines is situated along the Circum-Pacific Rim of Fire where the processes of volcanism and plate convergence caused the deposit of minerals, both metallic and nonmetallic.

The Philippine archipelago is a collection of more than 7,100 islands that are homes to over 100 distinct indigenous groups. Through the centuries, these people have forged a unique and vibrant culture that distinguishes them from the rest of Asia. Through different ways of life, traditions and even celebrations, they have woven an identity supported by their artistic inclinations, mastery of indigenous crafts and creative ways with raw materials. These rich and native cultures are being kept alive today in the works of a new crop of Filipino designers who give the world their own perspectives of creativity. Indigenous materials used are, but not limited to, rattan, leather, wood, paper, shells, copper, brass line and cotton.

The collection of bags, shoes, clothing, fashion accessories and home décor, being completely in the modern world, use original design elements and manipulation of materials that are, however, inspired by a cultural history that has existed in the Philippines since time immemorial. These new and contemporary objects are enriched by knowledge gleaned from the olden traditions.