DTI proposes revision to Export Declaration form
Business Mirror
February 7, 2017

IN an effort to capture export data of halal, kosher, fair trade and organic-food sectors, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau has formally proposed the revision of the Export Declaration (ED) form to introduce and include the sectors in the form.

In a letter to the Interagency Committee on Trade Statistics, the EMB underscored the necessity to monitor the pexport declaration

erformance of these sectors that are either categorized as certification-enabled or culture-based certification on such products.

The last revision of the ED form was back in 1998. Since then, global demographic, economic and lifestyle trends led to the increase in demand of halal, kosher, fair trade and organic products. However, the ED form, which is the single administrative document in customs administration, does not capture the export information of said products.

Essentially, amendment of this form aims to improve statistical data gathering and pave the way to create a baseline data of said products. This will provide support systems as well as a useful guide for promotion and policy reforms of DTI-EMB and its internal clients, existing and aspiring exporters, industry associations, and other export-related government agencies or bodies, such as the newly established Halal Export Industry Development and Promotion Board.

The newly revised ED form could enhance the government’s advocacy to promote the Philippines as a leading exporter of certification-enabled products, which is in line with the PEDP 2015–2017 strategies.