by Rodelio A Torre | Export Assistance and Business Matching Division (EABMD) | DTI-EMB

The DTI-Export Marketing Bureau’s (DTI-EMB) service on coffee export documentation is now fully digital, innovatively adapting during this pandemic to keep everyone safe. 

On 07 July 2020, the DTI-EMB communicated to Bureau of Customs (BOC) the details of former’s transition from manual to online processing.  Since 13 July 2020, the application and issuances of the Coffee Export Clearance (CEC) and Certificate of Exemption (COE) from the issuance of CEC and Certificate of Origin (CO) have been done online.  The same process for applications is still followed except that the submission of the required documents is now submitted online, and the approved clearance and certificate is released online. The exporters have well adapted to this change and did not encounter any major challenges. 

The applicants for the CEC and COE are required to submit the scanned copies of the documents for processing.  The processor checks the consistency and correctness of the information in the required documents. The applicant needs to correct any discrepancy or error found in the documents for further compliance and for the application processing to proceed. 

On applications for CEC, a stamp is prepared by the processor for the approval and e-sig (electronic signature) of the authorized signatory.  The approved CEC is sent back to the processor for the timestamp and the same is stamped on the appropriate page of the Export Declaration (ED).  The ED with the approved CEC is released to the applicant through the email address used in submitting the application. 

On applications for COE, the processor prepares the certificate, which is sent via email to the authorized signatory for approval and e-sig. The approved certificate is returned to the processor for the timestamp marking and release to the applicant. 

Furthermore, DTI-EMB has also included the Coffee Exporters’ Accreditation to its online processing of coffee services.  DTI-EMB now requires the submission of pictures of the office and location with time imprint using the Geo Cam, an online app, in lieu of the mandated company visit.  This eliminated the physical company visit as part of the process in the accreditation as coffee exporter.  The approved certificate of accreditation is released to the applicant for printing through the email used for the application. 

These changes are DTI-EMB’s commitment to the exporters to provide an enabling environment for them to be globally competitive.  All these coffee export documentation services are provided free of charge. For further details on the coffee services, the process flowchart can be viewed in the DTI-EMB website:

For other inquiries, you may contact the Export Assistance and Business Matching Division of DTI-EMB at these email addresses and ♦ 

Date of release: 16 December 2020