By Abigael Mei Yaokana / Office of the Director, DTI-EMB

“LEAD, Excel and Innovate” are the core values of Pointwest Technologies Corp., a proudly 100-percent Filipino-owned company. Maria Cristina  Coronel, president and CEO, cofounded the company with just nine employees.

“My goal was to put the Philippines on the global map as a top destination for information-technology and business-process outsourcing [IT-BPO].”

Coronel seeks the opportunity to establish the company during an influx of foreign investment in global- sourcing services in 2003, the same year when we witnessed the sudden boom of the call-center industry in the country.

The company has expanded in different market circles, with Health Information Management (HIM) as their leading sector.

“This sector had a high-growth rate and we continuously aim to expand further into this field,” Coronel said.

Coronel makes sure their company, which takes pride in their world-class services, will be catering highly reliable services by hiring registered pharmacists “who are as good as those in the international health-care service industry.”  For over 14 years in the operation, the company has grown to over 1,300 employees, with projects and accounts in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, among other countries.

Coronel, a president of the Philippine Software Industry (PSIA) for three years, was considered one of the pioneers of IT outsourcing in the Philippines. One of her goals is to strengthen the capacity building of the industry. “I always knew and recognize the talents and resources we have, so I focus my energy to develop programs to have our IT industry be recognized globally.”

The talent and passion of Filipino workers in the IT-BPO business are among the key factors that have made the country as a world-class BPO hub.

“Our employees are definitely our strength and our country has a lot of outstanding talents,” she said.

“Our business started with our clients only outsourcing low-level tasks. Eventually, as we progressed and proved our capabilities, clients started to value our services and to outsource tasks up to the value chain. Pointwest has always been trying to shatter glass ceilings, aiming higher. This helped us become more attractive and competitive in the industry,” she said.

Through the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau, Coronel participated in several trade missions to the US, Asia Pacific and Europe. This also contributed to the expansion of her company’s accounts across the globe. “It helps the industry to have a government that is very supportive,” she said.

Pointwest continues to expand with the aim of “serving the nation” by means of reaching those who do not have access to hospitals. Coronel admits, “We still need to have a strong partner which will help us reach the population who does not have sufficient access to healthcare.”

Combined with her endearing ambitions and her company’s vision, Coronel successfully established a company that showcases world-class Filipino talent. •