16 June 2020
Published also in Business Mirror

The Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB), citing international market intelligence company Mintel trends report, has advised food and drink companies to focus on sustainability as consumers will advocate for companies that pursue the triple bottom line—people, profit and planet.

“The DTI-EMB always looks out for trends in products and services to help us steer our exporters to the right direction. Now, we are planning to help exporters be more sustainable in their products and packaging to appeal to the future consumer market,” said DTI-EMB Director Senen M. Perlada.

During an online presentation to DTI-EMB recently, Mintel Client Service Insight Director Sophie Lacombre said that successful companies by 2030 will be those that improve the health of the planet and its population, as well as those that make it easy for consumers to do the right thing.

In Mintel’s recent survey of 1,000 Filipino adults, 64 percent agree that sustainability in their food and drink choices are important. Meanwhile, they also surveyed 1,500 Thai adults and 90 percent agree that retailers, or brands, should do more to promote sustainability.

Consuming less but better will also be the trend for meat products in 2030. Plant-based food and ethically produced meat will also flourish, as Covid-19 makes consumers more cautious of animal meat.

Around 70 percent of new human diseases in recent history originated from animals, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

“Now more than ever, we see the need to increase halal certified companies in the Philippines since the halal animal slaughtering procedures are more ethical and humane,” said DTI Undersecretary Abdulgani Macatoman.

Mintel suggests three ways to help companies prepare for 2030:

Take corporate social responsibility seriously. In the next decade, more food, drink, and food service companies will work together and/or join forces with philanthropic organizations and governments to help advance vital concerns, including environmental, ethical, and other significant societal issues.

Facilitate conscious consumption. Consumers will take pride in their sustainability efforts and support of companies that make them feel more judicious in their use of packaging and precious resources.

Make planetary health diets easy to follow. As the growth of the world’s population stretches the Earth’s resources, consumers will consider the environmental impact of our diets.