03 June 2019

Published also in Business Mirror

THE 13th edition of Ifex Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA recorded a successful opening on May 24 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Inaugurated by top government officials and diplomats, the event is considered the biggest gathering of delectable and export quality food finds.

Philippine food exporters are now enjoying the encouraging response of local and foreign trade buyers, foodies and consumers as the event continues to attract thousands of visitors.

Beyond efforts to expand food exports, IFEX Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA also aims to pique the interest of local consumers to appreciate the exquisite quality of Filipino offerings on a par with the world’s standards.

The event features the Islands on a Plate special setting that serves mouthwatering dishes prepared by Chef Bea Nitard of Via Mare, who lent her expertise in curating the use of Premium 7 ingredients, such as cacao, coffee, mango, tuna, banana, pineapple and coconuts.

Chef Helmut Holzer, award-winning culinary master and certified European and American Master Chef, graced IFEX Phillippines NXTFOOD Asia as a luminary guest.