Improved packaging, product quality keys to global competitiveness
Business Mirror
January 11, 2017

LOCAL food processors are urged to make the packaging of their products conform to legislations and laws of other countries in order to be acceptable and competitive in the global arena.

“The future of processed-food packaging shall still be influenced by the needs of product manufacturers and retailers as they try to meet consumer needs for low price and high-quality products,” said Ana Ma. Veronica A. Solano, faculty at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Solano said the packaging industry needs to be proactive to catch up with the fast-changing global packaging technologies and regulations.

She said the Philippine government is assisting food processors, particularly the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to improve product quality, as well as their packaging.

It is implementing packaging information dissemination and other programs and activities to help SMEs to “survive in this jungle market called globalization,” she added.

Solano also identified various factors influencing the packaging of processed food in the new millennium in the Philippines amid increasing globalization and changing trade environment. These are consumer behavior, environmental issues and changes in distribution.

“The cyber consumer will be discriminating, experimental, mobile and more concerned with the environment,” Solano said. She said processors need to offer their products in economic flexible packs, more microwavable packaging materials, and sell more health food snacks and juice drink and concentrates.

“[The] main issues affecting packaging are depletion of resources, waste management and pollution,” Solano said, underscoring emphasis on the 3Rs environmental criteria: reduce, reuse and recycle.