by PHILEXPORT News and Features

10 January 2018

also posted on Business Mirror

PHILIPPINE businesses need to consider the enormous opportunities offered by India, which is becoming the world’s largest consumer market of fresh produce.

Euromonitor Digest, a monthly online publication of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau, said healthy living, coupled with population growth and government initiative, supports positive growth forecast of fresh food.

“With a growing population, demand for fresh food has been increasing in India, and this trend is expected to continue even in the forecast period. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of healthy living in a hectic world and the importance of consuming fresh, unadulterated produce that supplement their overall growth,” it said.

The report, culled from Euromonitor International’s Business Intelligence Research, noted these will drive demand higher for fresh food, especially fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs.

India has seen a rise in exotic commodities’ imports in all categories of fresh food due to the increased popularity of such products; while health forums and modern retail channels are the main reasons for the growth of products, it said.

“Identifying the demand for them, especially in the Tier I and Tier II cities, retailers try to stock such products seasonally by importing from other countries,” it noted.

Fruits, such as avocado, kiwis, strawberries  and dragon fruit, as well as fish and seafood, such as lobsters and shrimps, and vegetables like broccoli and olives are some of the many fresh food items highly demanded due to their taste and health benefits.

The government of India has launched several initiatives to support production of fresh food and increasing consumer awareness by educating consumers about fresh food.

The report said this is expected to support the forecast performance for fresh food in India.

“Continued support from the government and private players, by taking steps to produce such commodities in India or through importing them due to lack of suitable climatic conditions, will enhance the sales of such products locally. This will drive the growth of fresh food and increase the consumption share of such products amongst consumers,” it added.