Homegrown Liwayway Marketing Corp. (LMC) is in Asia and beyond through its leading snack and beverage brand Oishi.


The Filipino company is now targeting the Middle East (ME) and European countries, revealed LMC Export Officer Joshua Laurens Kho as it joined this year’s Ifex Philippines held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and the Philippine Trade Training Center from May 19 to 21.


“We will be offering some of our new product lines, like the Oishi Fishda Fish Kropeck, a very iconic Asian snack, launched a year ago.  We also have the Bread Pan Whole Wheat, since most people nowadays are into healthier snacking,” he said.


“We also have Ube Pillows. Based on recent studies, the ube flavor is becoming a hit across the globe.


Our Smart C Dalandan Juice has a dalandan flavor that is uniquely Filipino. We will be showing our Coffee Powder, one of our newest product lines,” he added.


Without citing the exact amount of investment and time for the implementation of the planned export expansion to both regions, Kho said they are now working on it.


“We might be releasing our new packaging label for export only, which we are looking forward to come out this year,” he said. “However, we’ve still got a lot of things to do when it comes to complying with their package labelling in new markets.” •