PNP Suspends Regulations on Commonly-Used Controlled Chemicals
Export Development Council
posted 06 January 2016

Effective 9 December 2015, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has temporarily suspended its requirements for companies in securing license or permit when they import, handle, or transport some commonly used controlled chemicals. The moratorium will end until 9 February 2016.

The chemicals subject to the 60-day moratorium are:

  1. Aluminum Granules
  2. Aluminum Powder
  3. Amorphous Phosporus
  4. Barium Chromate
  5. Gallic Powder
  6. Glycerine
  7. Hydrogen Peroxide
  8. Hydroflouric Acid
  9. Hydrogen Chloride
  10. Phosphorus Sesquisulphide
  11. Phosphoric Acid
  12. Phosphorus Red
  13. Potassium Iodate
  14. Propylene Glycol
  15. Sodium Chloride
  16. Sodium Sulphate
  17. Sodium Periodate
  18. Ammonium Acetate
  19. Ammonium Sulfate
  20. Glycerol
  21. Hydrochloric Acid
  22. Potassium Permanganate
  23. Potassium Sulfate
  24. Sulfuric Acid
  25. Toluene

The moratorium means that such controlled chemicals are subject to:

  1. no license or permit requirement from the PNP;
  2. no escorting requirements from the PNP;
  3. no reportorial requirement from the PNP;
  4. no confiscation of stock by the PNP;
  5. no collection of any amount arising from, in association with or in relation to escorting services.

However, in ensuring public safety and national security, the temporary suspension does not cover nitrates, chlorates, nitric acid, explosives and explosives accessories. Following is the list of explosives, explosives accessories and controlled chemicals that are excluded in the moratorium:

  1. Black powder
  2. Composition 4
  3. Delay compound
  4. Di-Nitro-Toluene
  5. Emulsion matrix
  6. M201 Fuse
  7. Nitrocellulose
  8. Nitroglycerine
  9. Phosphorus
  10. Picric acid
  11. Propellant charges
  12. Slurry blast agent
  13. Slurry powder
  14. Sulfur powder
  15. Tetryl
  16. Smokeless Powder

Within the 60-day suspension, government and private sector stakeholders will thresh out the categorization of controlled chemicals consistent with Presidential Decree No. 1866 as amended by Republic Act No. 9516.

This move, lauded by importers and exporters, is a result of a series of consultative meetings between the PNP, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Export Development Council (EDC), trade associations and other relevant agencies after some companies experienced delay in their operation due to difficulty in securing permits to purchase, handle and distribute controlled chemicals.

DILG Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento and PNP Director Ricardo Marquez also announced, during their meeting with relevant agencies last 9 December 2015, that a Technical Working group (TWG) will be created immediately to come up with a list of categorized controlled chemicals. The draft TWG recommendation will be used in formulating the implementing rules and regulations of P.D. 1866 as amended.

For more details, please click Temporary Suspension of Regulation of Commonly Used Chemicals and list of Controlled Chemicals Subject for Moratorium.