President approves Executive Order Expanding Ro-Ro to Cha-ro
Export Development Council (EDC)
April 19, 2016

President Benigno S. Aquino III recently approved Executive Order No. 204 expanding the coverage of Executive Order No. 170 (s.2003) and Executive Order No. 170-A (s. 2003) to include container-chassis roll-on-roll-off (CHA-RO). The E.O. is one major advocacy of the Export Development Council.?

CHA-RO is a mode of RO-RO shipping where the container is mounted on a chassis and loaded on and off the cargo belly of the RO-RO ships by a prime mover or tractor. Unlike in the purely RO-RO mode, the container-mounted chassis is disengaged from the prime mover which is left at the port of origin. At the port of discharge, the container-mounted chassis is then engaged with and picked up by another prime mover from the cargo belly of the vessel.?

The E.O. will lower transport cost by at least 15-20% mainly because the prime mover, an expensive equipment, is not required to travel with the chassis-mounted container onto/from the RO-RO ships. This will also support and complement the establishment of the ASEAN RO-RO project network and address issues related to the movement of natural persons (i., e. the driver), Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Services, and technical operations. Thus, it will support and promote the competitiveness of the export sector. ??

For more details, please click Executive Order No. 204- Expanding Ro-Ro to Cha-ro.?

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