TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) continues to implement the strategic priorities identified in the recently launched Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) pursuant to the economic agenda of the President, through the Philippine participation at the 33rd Taipei International Food Show.

Held from 14-17 June 2023 at the 4th floor, Hall 2 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan, foodies in Taiwan are set to taste another exciting experience as DTI’s overseas promotion arm – Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Taipei, feature gastronomic delights at the Food Philippines Pavilion.

The initiative supports the DTI agenda to increase demand and intensify promotional efforts in priority export markets, diversify Philippine products and services, mainstream brands, and boost the capabilities of Philippine exporters and generate more jobs.

“We have a growing opportunity to offer more innovative products from the Philippines to Taiwan. The favorable response from the market is very encouraging and we are pleased to showcase more of what the Philippines could offer in time for the Food Show 2023 in Taipei,” said Anthony B. Rivera, Director for Commercial Affairs at the PTIC Taipei and Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO).

Food Philippines pavilion features an all-inclusive showcase of products manufactured by MSMEs and well-established companies from the Philippines in an integrated promotion campaign to increase its Philippine exports to. that features food service, 

food brands, food innovation, and food trade shows and missions targeting the Filipino diaspora, foreigners, and the mainstream market in Taiwan.

Healthy choices of vegetarian cracklings, baked fruit crisps, banana chips, pickled mangoes, preserved fruits and vegetables, coconut oil, nuts, peanuts, calamansi beverages, sauces and condiments, canned sardines, and ready-to-eat dishes, among other innovative food offerings from the Philippines were showcased in the expo.

In 2022, Taiwan ranked 8th in terms of Total Trade of the Philippines, 7th Export market and 8th Import supplier. Food exports to Taiwan increased by around 3% in 2022 signaling strong demand in the market. From USD 49.68 million to USD 51.11 million, the increase in exports is mainly due to fresh or chilled fish and baked confectioneries.

“Our focus is to diversify our export offerings to Taiwan, and we see the significant role of the food industry from the Philippines in this collaborative undertaking. We are delighted to see the growing opportunities for collaboration and cooperation for Philippine food in the Taiwan market. We are confident that this sector will further contribute to strengthening our trade with Taiwan” said Chairman Silvestre H. Bello III from MECO in Taipei.

The Philippine participation in this mega food fair was made possible by PTIC Taipei’s unified collaboration with DTI Export Marketing Bureau, Philippine Exporters Confederation (PHILEXPORT), Export Development Council (EDC), Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization, Inc. (PHILFOODEX), Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) and TAITRA. *

Date of release: 19 June 2023