Hong Kong – The Department of Trade and Industry through the Philippine Trade and Investment Center – Hong Kong (PTIC-HK) is pleased to announce that some Filipino food products are now available in the Hong Kong-based supermarket chains namely: Wellcome and Market Place under the DFI Group starting 6 October 2023.

According to DFI Group, the campaign “Philippine Savours” was launched to bring in some Filipino food products such as Argentina Corned Beef, M.Y.SAN Skyflakes Condensada, Mama Sitas Meat Stew Mix, Oishi Cracker Salt Vinegar, Del Monte Spaghetti Sweet, and 555 Sardines in Wellcome and Market Place supermarket chains, which are available until 2 November 2023.

The presence of these food products in Hong Kong supermarket chains and specialty stores reflects the scale of Filipino community in Hong Kong and the availability of Filipino food products in the territory.

Interested overseas Filipinos in Hong Kong and Hong Kong residents may find the information about the available products at Wellcome: https://shorturl.at/cuGJS and Market Place: https://shorturl.at/eiwZ4

The PTIC-HK continuously promotes and works with stores in Hong Kong and Macau to bring in more Philippine flavors in the market. For more information, contact the PTIC-HK at hongkong@dti.gov.ph. You may also follow the official Facebook page of the PTIC-HK at DTI Hong Kong. ♦

Date of Release: 12 October 2023