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The Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Jakarta reported the approval by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture of the PH application for the extension of two (2) food safety testing laboratories through Decree No. 8528/KPTS/KR020/K/10/2021. The Decree is valid for three years starting 24 October 2021 and can be renewed.

Pesticide Analytical Laboratory Section (PALS) of Plant Product Safety Services Division of Bureau of Plant Industry in Quezon City and The First Analytical Services and Technical Cooperative – Cagayan de Oro (FAST-CDO) are the laboratories approved to test shallots, bananas, and pineapples for residue and/or contaminants testing for export to Indonesia.

Indonesia’s renewal of the registration of the two Philippine food safety testing laboratories means that it continues to recognize the country’s laboratories’ diagnostic capabilities. The recognition of these laboratories is good news for Filipino exporters who are eyeing Indonesia as a prospect market for their agricultural products.

PH application for the accreditation of food safety testing laboratories is part of the agenda discussed between the Philippines and Indonesia under the Joint Working Group on Trade, Investment, Handicrafts, and Shipping (JWG-THIS). Indonesia is the Philippines’ ninth major trading partner in 2020, 16th top export market, and 5th chief import source. ♦

Date of release: 21 October 2021