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Are you looking to expand your business but unable to find suitable local talent? Do you need people to work beyond regular hours to support your clients 24/7? Do you require someone to manage your social media and PR but do not have an in-house personnel to do that? Have you always wished that you could just focus on certain aspects of your work and not have to worry about non-core business processes like invoicing, accounting, payroll processing, HR training, and other back-end operations? Do you want to expand your business but are constrained because of limited financial resources, manpower, and/or office space?

Having a third-party take care of certain aspects of your operations may be right for you. You might find that your company may be better off focusing on your core competencies rather than having to worry about non-revenue generating activities such as customer support, billing, collections, scheduling, HR support services, IT and software development, creative content creation, PR management, and other backroom operations.

With the current disruptions in the business environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, right now is perhaps the best time to innovate, re-evaluate, and re-imagine how you do your business and manage your financial and human resources in order to position your company for long-term growth under the “new normal”.


Learn more how business process outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring can work for you. Attend the webinar on “Business Pivot: Understanding how outsourcing can be a strategy to grow your business” on 13 August 2020 at 1:00 PM (HST), 4:00 PM (PST), 7:00 PM (EST) via Zoom. This webinar is the first installment of an 8-part series entitled "Global Business Processes Powered by the Philippines", which will run from 13 August to 1 October 2020.
Private breakout sessions will be held right after each of the webinars to allow attendees to interact directly and ask questions to the featured speakers. Register now to get access to the exclusive business-to-business meeting during the Zoom breakout sessions. 
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Co-Founder, Genfinity | Board Member, HIMAP

Jeff is the Co-Founder and one of the executive leaders of Genfinity, an industry enabler providing insight and guidance, in developing new strategies, product offerings and process standardization to participants in the evolving HIM marketplace. He is also a sitting Board member and past Chairman for the Health Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) as well as an active participant in various BPM industry focused associations and government lead committees.

President, Connext Global Solutions

Tim is the President of Connext Global Solutions, a business process outsourcing firm supporting a diverse client base. He is also an active board member for The Emergency Group, an emergency medicine physician group. He has over 20 years of progressive experience in executive management including serving as the president of a large dental group and at an integrated clinic and hospital. Tim’s passion is helping businesses grow by solving their staffing, management, and governance challenges.

CEO, Panalo Solutions

JR is the CEO of Panalo Solutions. Panalo is an international web and mobile development company focused on helping startups and small to medium-sized businesses grow. Their company specializes in user experience and graphic design, software development, online marketing and SEO, and contact center customer service support.

13 August 2020

Understanding how outsourcing can be a strategy to grow your business

With the current disruptions in the business environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies more than ever are looking to innovate and find better ways to manage their operations and resources. Learn how hiring a third-party service provider to take care of certain aspects of your operations can help you streamline your operations, increase your bottom line, and help position your company for long-term growth amidst the "new normal". Understand what is outsourcing and how it can help you grow your business and come out stronger after the pandemic.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Jeff Williams, Co-Founder of Genfinity and Board Member of the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) | Tim Mobley, President of Connext Global Solutions | JR Calanoc, CEO of Panalo Solutions

20 August 2020

Hiring virtual assistants to handle administrative work

Are you tired of managing all aspects of your business and wish you have a reliable administrative assistant to take care of non-essential tasks? Do you wish you had more time to pursue sales opportunities instead of being tied-up with paper works, scheduling meetings, invoicing, and other non-revenue generating activities? Having good and reliable administrative support is critical in managing any business. Finding suitable local talent at the right price, however, is sometimes difficult.  Learn more how outsourcing your backroom operations and hiring virtual assistants can help your business.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Leo Gestetner, Co-Founder and CEO of CitronWorks | Wayne Findlay, CEO, The Back Room Ltd.

27 August 2020

Outsourcing the creation of effective e-learning solutions

Having professional e-learning content creators and managers is critical in ensuring your school or your company is able to deploy timely and effective educational materials at a time when distance learning is the norm. This kind of expertise, however, may not yet be embedded in your current organization. Whether your goal is to increase theeffectivity of online teaching, re-tool your employees with skills to adapt to the “new normal” or adopt e-learning as a the primary means to train your employees moving forward, Philippine-based companies are capable of assisting you in achieving your e-learning development objectives at a competitive price.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Mikhail Joseph Torres, Director of Technology of Academ-e Multi Media Solutions Inc. | DM Varun, Co-Founder and CEO of SkillBean

3 September 2020

Leveraging on cultural similarities between the Philippines and US to deliver timely and useful content

Do you need help creating professionally-made marketing materials and websites to increase your sales? Are you finding it hard to hire architects and engineers to do technical renderings and designs to meet your client's deadlines? Do you require someone to manage your social media and PR but do not have an in-house personnel to do that? Do you need to scale up your marketing campaign quickly but do not have the right size of staffing that could support your sales and marketing push? Learn more about how you can leverage on the size and expertise of third-party service providers to produce and manage your creative services needs.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Mori Rodriguez, Chief Innovation Officer of The EON Group | Tony Layug, Co-Founder and CEO of KDCI Outsourcing | Mike Larcher, Founder and CEO of Outsourced

10 September 2020

Ensuring 24/7 support to serve your clients’ needs

Establishing your own contact center to handle multiple customer communication channels is an expensive strategy. You need to hire people, train them, have someone supervise the agents, pay for insurance, provide software and equipment, rent office space, and more. Managing contact centers takes away valuable executive time and resources that could have been directed in growing your business. Dedicated service providers can take care of operating your company’s call centers so you can focus on your core competencies. Know more how you can outsource your contact center operations to a third-party and manage your customer experience better.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Butch Valenzuela, Board Member of the Call Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) and President of Visaya KPO | Sarah Machan-De Silva, Chief Of Staff (Asia) of Alorica

17 September 2020

Outsourcing non-core processes in order for healthcare professionals to focus in providing care

Are you experiencing difficulty filling-in healthcare-related positions in your local area? Is your organization looking for ways to optimize revenues and billing claims? Do you need professional partners to manage your clinical studies? Are your doctors, dentists, nurses bogged down by paper works that they are left with shorter time to take care of their patients? Your organization or professional practice may benefit from hiring third-party service providers to handle some of your back-end and non-core healthcare processes. Know more about how you can leverage on the capabilities of the Philippines healthcare IT-BPO industry to deliver higher quality of care to your clients.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Julian Valenzuela, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Visaya KPO | Nathan King, Chief Marketing Officer of Shearwater Health

24 September 2020

Leveraging on Philippines’ talents to build apps and software solutions

Having and maintaining an IT-team to create and maintain your software or apps can be an expensive proposition, especially if doing so is outside of your business’ core competencies. Outsourcing software development helps your organization reduce IT development and maintenance cost, speeds up your time-to-market by leveraging on another service provider’s talent pool and existing technologies, and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Learn more how you can leverage on the talent and manpower of third-party service providers in the Philippines to meet your IT needs.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Juanloz Botor, Business Development Manager of Pointwest Technologies Corp. | Vincent Remo, Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President - Innovation and Development of Advanced World Solutions, Inc.

1 October 2020

Outsourcing accounting and financial functions to enable your company to focus on your core competencies

Having a third-party service provider to assist you in improving and managing your accounting, internal controls, and financial management processes can help increase your business’ profitability and efficiency and allow your organization to focus on areas that really drive your business. Know how your company can benefit from contracting a skilled accounting and finance team. Attend the webinar on “Managing backroom operations: Outsourcing accounting and financial functions to enable your company to focus on your core competencies.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: James Donovan, Co-Founder and Group CEO of ADEC Innovations | Bernice Parsons, President and Co-Founder of Vertaccount