As part of its program to promote the Philippine creative sector and fashion industry in Korea, the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Seoul, in partnership with the Manila Fashion Festival organized and hosted the opening of PH Mode x SEL, a fashion exhibit, from 26-29 October, 2022.  The Exhibition will be held at Samcheong Dong, one of the popular spots in Seoul for art and lifestyle with museums, art galleries, fashion stores, and restaurants. 

Showcased in the exhibition are exclusive selections created by Philippine senior and contemporary designers by merging Korea’s unique high tech fabric and Philippine indigenous materials, paving way for creative synergy.

Started in 2014, the Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) is a bi-annual event and produced over 150 designers and brands shows with eight (8) major fashion media partners in the Philippines. The MFF is considered as the largest fashion runway event in the Philippines today and highlights the artistry of Filipino fashion talents.

Additionally, PH MODE was created as a compilation brand to showcase modern Philippine fashion design overseas. It serves as a gateway for collaboration with international suppliers and to develop an efficient supply chain for Philippine designers, as well as to provide business launching opportunities for this young emerging market.

The PH MODE x SEL by MFF is in collaboration with Korea’s leading textile company, IGS.F, which produces high tech fabric brand called GRAPHENETEX. The exhibit features an exclusive collection ensemble created by MFF selected Philippine senior and contemporary designers, showcasing a fusion of Korea’s unique high-tech fabric and Philippine indigenous material (traditional handwoven textile).

In February 2023, the MFF  will return to Manila for Season 15 showcasing the Tokyo and Seoul collections with participating designers from Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul.

Through MFF’s unique strategic international positioning, the  Philippines will soon become a major player in global fashion. ♦

Date of Release: 27 October 2022