Sydney, 14 September 2022 – Australian tech company, Fingerprint for Success, (F4S) has published a first of its kind study to understand the unique motivations of the Filipino workforce.

Launched in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry’s overseas trade promotion office in Sydney (Philippine Trade and Investment Center – Sydney) and Startup Village, this three-year project has quantified the top motivators and traits for the Filipino workforce.

The groundbreaking research highlights the strategic advantages of the Philippines’ workforce, uncovering opportunities for government, industry, education, trade, and investment sectors. The research also helps to leverage the natural talents of the Filipino working population to drive innovation and change, solidifying the Philippines as one of the top 25 emerging Asian ecosystems (Startup Genome, 2022).

According to the study findings, key traits that distinguish the working culture in the Philippines are the following:  having a theoretical approach and understanding the rationale behind tasks, making decisions based on what can be seen and observed, focusing on what is present and practically relevant, evolution, i.e. improvement over time, and consistently checking for accuracy and continuous performance.

During a recent event launching the F4S findings, Philippine trade representative to Australia, Alma Argayoso, expressed that, “A premise in doing business or promoting business relations between two countries is a basic understanding of each other’s cultures. When we understand each other, we can do business better. This study went beyond basic understanding but dived deeper into the Filipino working culture”. She said that, “For existing and potential entrepreneurs and investors, this culture map might provide you with a powerful tool to leverage, strategise, and better understand new opportunities for the Filipino workforce.”

Mr. Carlo Calimon, president and co-founder of Startup Village Philippines added, “My life in effect has always centered around developing an army of entrepreneurs here in the Philippines because we believe that in doing so, we are able to uplift the nation altogether.” When referring to the Culture Map, Mr. Calimon explained, “Understanding blindspots allows you to become a better leader, founder and colleague and what we understand from the culture study is incorporating incremental changes that can create an impact and help change behaviour.”

Spokesperson for F4S, Matija Squire, wanted to determine if Filipinos thrived in an entrepreneurial environment after seeing a collective entrepreneurial ambition from attendees at the Philippines Startup Week in 2019. The recent Philippines Culture Map study provided the opportunity to explore this hypothesis and has now provided statistical evidence that Filipinos are entrepreneurial in nature.

The Philippines Culture Map will be launching in Manila at the Philippines Startup Week on November 14 – 18, 2022.  A copy of the study can be downloaded here 

Date of Release: 19 September 2022