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As the Philippines emerges as a leading game development hub in the Asia-Pacific region by 2028, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) overseas trade promotion arm in Sydney – Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC), partnered with Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, Australia, and DTI Export Marketing Bureau (EMB), in facilitating a webinar to explore the opportunities between the Philippines and Australian video gaming sectors last 20 September 2023.

This is part of DTI’s strategic initiatives in contributing to the Philippines’ economic development in generating high-value revenue through traversing the Philippine creative industry – creating more employment opportunities.

Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, Consul General Maria Lourdes Salcedo affirmed that there are already advanced and mature companies existing with complete ecosystems on businesses, and activities in the video gaming sector both in the Philippines and Australia.

“The Covid lockdown may have served as a catalyst to fast-track its further development. We certainly hope that both sides – Philippines and Australia, can unlock and explore possibilities for mutually beneficial collaboration,” remarked Salcedo.

Organized by GDAP, the webinar featured discussion on trends in technology, incentives, local and foreign collaborations to explore, and how it will impact the PH-AU game development industry.

The Philippines has been demonstrating its strengths in providing game-related services to international game development studios through outsourced services, further attracting foreign companies to establish video game operation centers in the country.

“Our aim is to provide an opportunity to Philippine gaming companies to continuously expand and diversify their market through various promotional activities such as this event,” said Alma Argayoso, PTIC Trade Representative to Sydney.

Established in 2007, GDAP is a trade association that represents and promotes the Philippines’ game development industry by creating and publishing interactive games and entertainment content across different platforms.

GDAP President James Lo said, “We’re very excited how things are shaping up and we’re looking forward to collaborate with a lot of countries to partner in terms of creating more game experience.”

Further, Lo shared that recently, GDAP has expanded its branches and implemented academic roadshows to provinces outside Metro Manila to give more opportunities to the studios and institutions outside the business district.

DTI EMB Director Bianca Pearl Sykimte also cited incentives that the Philippines can offer as part of the government’s support to foreign companies who consider outsourcing in the country, given the leverage of having a young, dynamic, and English-speaking workforce.

“One of the more critical responsibilities that we have is to provide an enabling business environment that will allow our businesses to thrive,” said Sykimte.

“Game development outsourcing in the Philippines benefit from the generous set of incentives available to firms, especially if firms are located outside metropolitan area,” she added.

The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia offering the CG Creator Certification Test – a digital arts certification created by the CG Arts Society of Japan in 1991 and certified by the Japanese Ministry of Education. CG Creator Certification is recognized by major Japanese broadcasting, animation, game development, and visual effects companies and studios. Thus, exclusively making the Philippines the only place where the test can be taken outside of Japan and in English.

Earlier this year, five (5) Philippine game developers inked export orders estimated at $1.67 million and generated 71 trade leads following the 26 business-to-business meetings at the Nordic Game 2023 conference in Malmö, Sweden last May.

Additionally, the Philippines recorded an initial export sale of $7 million from participating local game developers during the GamesCom 2023 held in Cologne, Germany, in August.

DTI continues to work hand in hand with different government agencies and private organizations to continuously unlock the potential of video game development in the country, supporting the developments that the Philippine government implements.

Among these developments is the Integrated Industry Development for Creative Industries program, which was crafted for improved competitiveness, enhanced capability, increased productivity, export promotion and development, and compliance to global standards for greater market access. ♦

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Date of Release: 27 September 2023