When a conformity assessment body (CAB) is accredited, it indicates that an accreditation body (AB) has confirmed that it adheres to a series of criteria and procedures that ensure that their product or service is objective, consistent, and produces reliable and valid results.

CABs are assessed by accreditation bodies on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to meet certain requirements. This instills critical confidence and trust in their product or service by demonstrating that they are committed to offer the highest level of quality that clients expect.

For Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)

Through test results or certification reports provided by accredited CABs, accreditation fosters confidence and demonstrates honesty. Clients can rest assured that the conformity assessments results adhere to current industry standards and best practices. Accreditation also aids in the simplification of operations and improvement of the management system that may lead to increased client satisfaction.

For Regulators

Because accredited CABs passed a thorough review procedure, regulators can be confident that the results they produce are accurate.

Accreditation enhances public confidence in data that are critical in decision-making. These data are used in demonstrating proficiency, reaffirming the government’s commitment to public safety, health, and environmental protection. Accreditation is a visible technique of verifying compliance with standards and increasing public confidence.

For Businesses

Clients will have confidence in a product or service if they know it underwent an independent and competent testing, evaluation or certification. By building confidence and complying with internationally-recognized standards, businesses will be able to compete in national and international markets.

For Consumers

Accreditation provides consumers with safe and good quality products and services available in the market.

As the national accreditation body of the Philippines, it is PAB’s responsibility to ensure that confidence is maintained in accredited certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. Accreditation by PAB means that independent evaluation by competent assessors with relevant technical knowledge and experience has been conducted. Having an accreditation body like PAB provides certainty for regulators, accredited CABs, business and consumers by using accredited products and services.

For more information about PAB services, please contact the Philippine Accreditation Bureau at email address: pab@dti.gov.ph or visit www.dti.gov.ph/pab.

Release Date: 24 December 2021