JIDA Aqua Resources is a market leader known for producing healthy aquamarine products for its customers. From bangus (milkfish) and prawns to an array of fish, the company continues to grow and sustain leadership by continuous development and innovation.

The company began in 1990 when it ventured into buying and selling fresh Bangus, prawns, and shrimps.

Years later and with a growing market demand, the company started selling in frozen other seafood products such as tuna (panga, belly) Bangus (deboned, balls, lumpia, nuggets), Norwegian Salmon, Cream Dory (fillet) crabs, malasugue, shrimps, prawns, tilapia, and squid (rings, tubes).

The company is also proud to have acquired a DOST SETUP for capping machines that are able to reduce waste and save on material and labor expenses. The products of JIDA Aqua Resources are Halal- and FDA-certified.

Aside from participating in various trade shows in the Philippines and abroad, the company has also been gaining recognition from award-giving bodies in the food and business sector.

Find out more about their products through their official website: https://infojidaaquaresour.wixsite.com/