Photo of ten MSME beneficiaries in the food sector

In line with the product development initiatives for holiday items, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 2 held consultations and design conceptualization with select MSMEs for the food sector on 3 January 2022.

This activity was centered on refining existing and new potential products of the region that are sustainable under the new normal. Likewise, this focused on developing eco-friendly gift boxes suitable for all occasions and bundle gift sets of local food products.

During the session, the 10 MSMEs in the food sector from the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Quirino, and Nueva Vizcaya, presented their products and were subjected to assessment and consultation.

DTI Region 2 Assistant Regional Director Winston T. Singun emphasized the concept of sustainability in line with the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, titled “responsible consumption and production”.

He echoed this same objective of the activity which would enhance the salability and marketability of the local products which are being manufactured and made with zero impact on the environment.

The tapped consultant, Nicolai Njord Chua, Creative Director of Nicolai Njord Design Consultancy, also expressed the importance of label/package designs to gain attention to the market and boost sales.

He provided fresh ideas, general design directions and expressed optimism that the conceptualized designs will be executed by the MSMEs by utilizing available resources.

As a way forward, the Mr. Chua and the DTI Trade Promotion Officers will be closely coordinating with the MSMEs to further assist them in the succeeding phases of the product development. The packaging and labelling designs will also be provided for free to the MSMEs. The agency is also hopeful that the eagerness and commitment shown by the MSMEs during the consultation will be sustained until the design execution and monitoring phase.

Date of Release: 4 January 2022