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The following provide answers to frequently asked questions on business registration, investments, accreditation, product standards, pricing, or warranty.

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Q. What is the typical transport flow of balikbayan boxes?

A. Below is a typical Transport Flow of Balikbayan Boxes:

The Balikbayan Box Shipment Flow Chart shows the processes of shipping Balikbayan boxes from overseas.

Overseas Filipinos usually engage the services of a foreign consolidator/principal sea freight forwarder in sending their balikbayan boxes to their relatives in the Philippines. The foreign consolidators collect door-to-door charges from the OFWs as senders. These charges includes the fees for a shipping line/carrier, terminal storage, duties and charges, and the accredited Philippine agent/local freight forwarder.

The balikbayan boxes are delivered by accredited Philippine agents/local sea freight forwarders to consignees or recipients in the Philippines.


Q. If the Philippine agent/freight forwarder holds delivery of balikbayan boxes because its foreign principal fails to remit the necessary funds therefore, what can FTEB-BLAD do to help the consignee?

A. FTEB-BLAD shall order the Philippine agent/freight forwarder to deliver the cargoes to their rightful owners (consignees) without any delay. Failure of the Philippine agent/freight forwarder to deliver the cargoes immediately shall constrain FTEB-BLAD to file a Formal Charge against the freight forwarder for the revocation of its accreditation (if the forwarder is BLAD-accredited) or a Cease and Desist Order (if the forwarder is not BLAD-accredited) as well as applicable fines as provided in PSB A.O. 6, series of 2005.


Q. How much are the shipping rates of balikbayan boxes? How long is the transit time from origin to destination?

A. The rates differ depending on the size (small (26”x26”x26”), medium (26”x26”x34”), large/jumbo (26”x26”x42”), (53x51x76cm), (76x56x61cm), regular (23”x17”x20”), extra-large (71x43x57cm)) of the balikbayan box and the origin of the balikbayan box shipment. Below is an estimated door to door rate of a typical balikbayan box and its transit time from origin to destination.

Estimated Door to Door Rates of a Typical Balikbayan Box and Transit Time by Destination

 Metro ManilaVisayasMindanao
Door to Door Rate (USD)Transit Time (in days)Door to Door Rate (USD)Transit Time (in days)Door to Door Rate (USD)Transit Time (in days)
Middle East50-9035-4566-10040-5071-11050-60

Q. Where are most balikbayan boxes coming from?

A. Balikbayan boxes usually come from the following countries:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Europe
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Singapore