Joint Department Administrative Order No. 2, s. 2006

Guidelines implementing R.A. 8792 on Electronic Payment and Collection System (EPCS) in Government

Date of Issuance – October 25, 2006

Department Administrative Order No. 9, s. 2010

Prescribing rules governing the accreditation of Certification authorities for Digital Signatures

Date of Issuance – September 29, 2010

Department Administrative Order No.8, s. 2006

Prescribing guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data in Information and Communications System in the Private Sector

Date of Issuance – July 21, 2006

Department Administrative Order No. 1, s. 2011

Prescribing Rules And Guidelines For The Implementation Of Executive Order No. 810, Series Of 2009, Entitled “Institutionalizing The Certification Scheme For Digital Signatures And Directing The Application Of Digital Signatures In E-government Services”.

Date of Issuance – February 18, 2011