Other Laws

DOT-DTI Joint Advisory No. 21-02, s. 2021

Operational Guidelines for Essential Meetings and Social Events Beginning 16 June 2021

Date of Issuance – June 16, 2021

DTI Advisory 21-09, s. 2021

Increase in On-Site Operational Capacity of Certain Business Establishments & Activities Under GCQ with Heightened Restrictions

Date of Issuance – 31 May 2021

DTI Advisory No. 21-06, s. 2021

On the Implementation of Guidelines for Business Establishments and Activities Allowed to Operate Under Enhanced Community Quarantine

Date of Issuance – March 28, 2021

DTI-DOLE Advisory No. 21-01 s. 2021

Continued Vigilance Against New COVID-19 Variants Through Reinforcement of Existing Minimum Public Health and Safety Standards and Protocols

Date of Issuance – March 9, 2021

Advisory No. 20-03, s. 2020

Implementation of the Requirements and Increase of Operational Capacity on Shuttle Services, and the Requirements on Contact Tracing Under DTI-DOLE Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2020-04-a, s. 2020

Date of Issuance – 1 December 2020

Revised Penal Code (Title II and Title VII)

Crimes against the Fundamental Laws of the State; Crimes committed by Public Officers

Revised Internal Rules of Sandiganbayan

Revised Internal Rules of the Sandiganbayan

Date of Issuance – October 1, 2002

Implementing Rules of Republic Act No. 6713

Rules Implementing the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (Republic Act No. 6713)

Date of Issuance – April 21, 1989

1987 Constitution of the Philippines (Article XI)

Accountability of Public Officers

Letter of Instruction No. 1307, s.1983

Importations and Direct Payments

Date of Issuance – April 11, 1983

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