Presidential Decrees

Presidential Decree No. 749

Granting Immunity from Prosecution to Givers of Bribes and other Gifts and to their Accomplices in Bribery and other Graft Cases against Public Officers

Date of Issuance – July 18, 1975

Presidential Decree No. 46

Making It Punishable for Public Officials and Employees to Receive, and for Private Persons to Give, Gifts on any Occasion, including Christmas

Date of Issuance – November 10, 1972

Presidential Decree No. 1606, as amended by R.A. No. 7975* and R.A. No. 8249

Revising Presidential Decree No. 1486 Creating a Special Court to be known as “Sandiganbayan” and for Other Purposes

Date of Issuance – December 10, 1978

Presidential Decree No. 538

Creating and establishing the PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority and making it a subsidiary agency of the Philippine Veterans Investment Development Corporation defining its powers, functions and responsibilities, and for Other Purposes

Date of Issuance – August 13, 1974