23 February 2024 | 5F BOI, Makati City

Let me take this opportunity to welcome our guests. To our dedicated partners in this very timely endeavor. I am glad to see you joining this event, the Ceremonial Signing of the E-Mobility ASAP Project. Special greetings to Katarina Barunica of UNIDO, our UNIDO Country Representative Ted Monroy, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) President Edmund Araga, and Clean Air Asia Consortium Project Director Glynda Baterina.

To my esteemed colleagues from the government, I am glad that you are able to join us this morning. To our friends from the media, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen, a pleasant Friday morning to all!

Today is a momentous event of change and transformation as we launch the Accelerating Adoption and Scale-up of Electric Mobility for Low-Carbon City Development in the Philippines or E-Mobility ASAP.

In 2021, we started our far-reaching vision to develop a pioneering initiative to propel the Philippines toward a clean and sustainable future. Our resolve to support the transition of the Philippines to low-carbon transport is rooted in the urgent need to address the surging threats of climate change and its global ramifications.

Our pursuit of a sustainable climate hinges on the imperative of fostering a robust and well-connected green industry ecosystem. The global shift to a greener business landscape presents the Philippines with tremendous economic opportunities in vehicle and battery manufacturing and renewable energy production. Although we need to spend on shifting to clean energy, at the same time, there are new opportunities for industries and jobs, eventually.

By doing so, we boldly position the Philippines as a regional leader in clean energy solutions and sustainable transportation manufacturing. This is our vision to have a full value chain for electric vehicles, starting from the processing of nickel ores, producing battery precursor, manufacturing the batteries themselves, building the components, and eventually assembling and producing E-vehicles right here in the Philippines with partners if needed.

The E-Mobility ASAP attests to the collaboration of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of Transportation (DoTr) in moving closer to the country’s ambition of participating in global decarbonization, as charted in the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) 2023-2028.

As the project’s government executing agency, we at the DTI will be the torchbearers responsible for leveraging this monumental project and harmonizing efforts focused on e-mobility industry development. Moreover, the DTI will provide crucial support in shaping a conducive policy environment to attract more investments in electric vehicles and related infrastructure. With the support of our esteemed government partners, such as the DOE and DOTr, we are driven to accelerate our efforts to bolster our electric vehicle sector.

Beyond being a project, E-Mobility ASAP embodies our shared commitment with our local and international partners to realizing Republic Act 11697 or the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act.

I sincerely thank the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for its global leadership and dedication to sustainability. The GEF’s tireless efforts in mobilizing resources have been pivotal in enabling countries like the Philippines to scale up efforts to achieve environmental targets.

I also laud the invaluable support and guidance the UNIDO Headquarters and UNIDO Philippines provided throughout this endeavor. The partnership between the DTI and UNIDO in advancing industrial development has reached new heights through the launch of this project.

Furthermore, I wish to express my utmost appreciation to the Clean Air Asia Consortium as this project’s key implementing partner. With the consortium’s extensive expertise, we can navigate market opportunities to drive this project’s meaningful progress.

Once more, thank you for gracing this momentous occasion and being part of our substantial strides in advancing the country’s electric vehicle industry.

Let’s work together towards a sustainable, inclusive, prosperous future for all as we approach a Bagong Pilipinas! Maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat.

Date of release: 23 February 2024