DTI’s Industrialization Policy

As the country enters the post-pandemic future; implementing an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient industrial policy is imperative to build a more competitive economy.

Through the leadership of Trade Secretary Fred Pascual, the Department of Trade and Industry has embarked on a mission to implement a new Science, Technology, Innovation (STI)-centered industrial policy, which will accelerate the development of globally competitive and innovative industries with strong linkages to domestic and global value and supply chains.

Philippine MSMEs

The impact of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in both global and local economies, as well as societies, cannot be emphasized enough. In the Philippines, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are considered the backbone and driving force of our economy. MSMEs comprise 99.58%1 of more than one million business enterprises operating in the country.

In addressing the challenges faced by MSMEs such as lack of access to finance, insufficient market information and access to markets, inadequate access to affordable technology, impact of climate change and ease of disaster recovery, and cost and ease of doing business, DTI, through the leadership of Secretary Fred Pascual provided 360-degree support for MSMEs. The Magna Carta for MSMEs has enabled the Department to pursue more robust directions in contributing to MSME development.