Who says that you cannot attend to your studies while earning money on the side? Sandria Cadusale did it effortlessly when she was just a teenager. Her tireless work ethic and dedication have paved the way for her to achieve great things that she now enjoys in her golden years, including her business Sandria’s Delicious Concept.

A Hardworking History

When Sandria was still in her early teens, she sold sambag (tamarind) and yema (sweet custard) to her friends and classmates. Even after finishing school and while working as an accountant, she continued selling these two tasty treats as a side hustle.

When she decided to pursue graduate studies, one of the things that funded her education was barquillos — a delicacy she learned to make from her brother-in-law.

Sandria was relentless with her pursuit even with both work and studies to juggle, but she never got tired. She always loved what she does. After years of hard work with this endeavor, Sandria finally has a business she named after herself: Sandria’s Delicious Concept.

From Side Hustle to Full-Fledged Business with DTI’s Help Sandria began her business venture with the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Kapatid Mentor ME Program in 2018. The program helped improve her product lineup while broadening her entrepreneurial reach.

In the KMME program, Sandria’s classmates and mentors urged her to create ways to bring out new flavors in the classic Filipino desserts that she prepares. She followed their guidance and

improved her goods several times until she was able to bring out exciting new choices for her customers to enjoy.

Slowly but surely, Sandria was able to connect with local and international markets through continuous product

improvement, eventually reaching Cebu’s Pasalubong Centers. She has also improved the packaging and labeling of her goods using the One Town, One Product (OTOP) initiative and participated in trade shows.

The COVID-19 Effect on the Delicacies Industry Sandria was at the peak of her success when the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the world. Most of her customers who

love her tasty products suddenly stopped coming due to the nationwide lockdowns. Her business took a severe hit as her sales significantly decreased.

But Sandria was a fighter. Despite the odds, she found ways to keep her business afloat. While the world was halted during the pandemic, Sandria’s business was sustained as she diversified to packed food.

As a way of giving back, Sandria donated some unshipped products to the frontliners and hospitals as Gutom Savers.

True to the business’ tag line “Your Gutom Saver,” Sandria did not only fill the bellies of our kababayans, but she also extended her hand to our brave frontliners during the first wave of the pandemic.

Moving Forward

Sandria’s story is a testament to the fact that even in the darkest times, there is always a way to succeed if you are willing to adapt.

Her business has since expanded to other specialties. Offering more food options helped her land deals with corporate businesses. Right now, she provides 500 meal packs daily to a major company in Cebu.

Moreover, Sandria’s other products, including sandwiches, salad, breakfast, and frozen meals, are now displayed in a well-known convenience store in Visayas. Her famous delicacies Barquiron and Barquillos filled with Polvoron are also displayed in local malls and are even sold abroad.

Today, Sandria’s business is doing better than ever. Thanks to her tireless efforts and dedication to her business, Sandria’s Delicious Concept has been chosen for the 2021 Productivity Olympics (Micro Category) by the National Wages and Productivity Commission of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Sandria’s passion is the secret ingredient to her success. She loves what she does, and it shows in her delicious meals and delicacies. Because of this secret ingredient, topped with a dose of hard work and dedication, Sandria Cadusale was able to turn her side hustle into a thriving business. ♦