The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) elevates Pampanga’s parol and decorative lanterns to the global stage through product testing in conformance with the Philippine National Standard (PNS). The product testing in February is a proactive approach allowing the Department to improve the testing process before the busy season arrives and guarantees a smooth process for year-round production.

“While the certification of parols is not yet mandatory, these demonstrations of testing procedures empower our parol makers to identify and eliminate potential hazards. This translates to safer Filipino homes and boosts the quality of Philippine-made lanterns,” DTI Secretary Fred Pascual said.

This initiative aims to equip parol makers with the tools they need to compete in the global market. By meeting the PNS requirements, they can ensure their products adhere to specific quality and safety standards, which will increase market competitiveness.

Additionally, achieving PNS compliance can unlock new export opportunities as the global popularity of parols and decorative lanterns continues to rise.

To achieve this, the DTI actively involved Pampanga parol makers and invited them to participate in a product testing program, which included rigorous tests: drop test, temperature test, impact test, dielectric strength test, wire elongation test, and flammability test for wires used for parols.

Throughout the process, the DTI welcomed active participation and feedback to empower parol makers in Pampanga through a collaborative standardization program. Beyond ensuring quality and safety, the program aims to equip artisans with the knowledge and tools to elevate their craft and compete in the global value chain.

With the insights from the earning sessions and immersion activities with parol makers, the DTI-Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) endeavors to develop PNS on parols based on the Philippine context.

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Date of release: 11 March 2024