Manila Canvas, a proud store operator of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Go Lokal! Program, recently launched Bambike Night Tours, a novel way to explore Intramuros’ storied past. In partnership with Bambike Revolution Cycles, a Go Lokal MSME, and the Intramuros Administration, this unique venture invites locals and foreign tourists to explore Manila’s historic landscape after dark. 

Experience Intramuros’ Nightscape with Bambike Night Tours by Manila Canvas 

The Bambike Night Tours reflect the commitment of Go Lokal! MSMEs like Manila Canvas and Bambike Revolution Cycles to sustainable tourism. Curious adventurers eager to immerse themselves in Manila’s vibrant nightscape can book their 2-hour Bambike Night Tour by Manila Canvas through this link

Special Bambike Night Tours are also available for families with children ages 1 to 5 years old and for individuals needing mobility support. 

Pedal through Intramuros’ illuminated streets and appreciate Manila’s heritage sites with Bambike Night Tours by Manila Canvas. ♦

Formal launch of Bambike Night Tours. Above photo showsBambike President and CEO Mr. Bryan Benitez McClelland and his team; Manila Canvas Owners Ms. Ros and Mr. Vincent Queja; DTI-BDTP Director Marievic M. Bonoan; Intramuros Administration Head of Business Management, Ms. Roda Mendoza; and Go Lokal Program Manager, Ms. Maya Arcega. 

Date of release: 08 January 2023