The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has onboarded nearly 100 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from the Philippines to participate in the ASEAN Online Sale Day (AOSD) that ran from 08 August until 22 August. In addition, a physical launching event was hosted in Semarang, Indonesia in time for the 55th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ (AEM) Meeting from 19 to 22 August 2023.

In the AOSD’s physical launch, the ASEAN enterprises were able to showcase their products to high level ASEAN member states’ officials and delegates including ASEAN Business Advisory Council Chair Arsjad Rasjid, ASEAN Ministers of Trade, Ministers of ASEAN Dialogue Partner Countries, ASEAN Secretary General and Timor-Leste Minister of Trade and Investment.

At the physical event, 14 booths were all meticulously curated to highlight the thriving landscape of MSMEs. Shopee, a well-known online shopping site, was part of this diverse group. Teh Poci-Sosro, a medium-to-high-end business that gave off an air of luxury, added to the variety. Also, 12 different MSMEs, including one from the Philippines, were added to the dynamic ensemble.  Exhibited products came in many different types, such as furniture, clothing, handicrafts, textiles, and food and beverages. 

Since 2020, the Philippines has had the most participating businesses in the AOSD, a testament to the country’s rising e-commerce. This event also allows Filipino enterprises to promote their remarkable, high-quality Philippine products. Furthermore, the launch is critical to the Department’s goal of assisting local businesses in joining the global value chain.

The AOSD aims to capitalize on the expanding e-commerce landscape in the ASEAN region and enable Filipino MSMEs to access more channels for marketing and selling their goods.

“This initiative supports the country’s effort to promote Philippine exports through cross-border e-commerce by cultivating trust and confidence in e-commerce transactions, among MSMEs and its clients,” Secretary Fred Pascual stated.

With participation from all 10 ASEAN member countries, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, this two-week event seeks to unify the region’s digital market.

The ASEAN Online Sale Day 2023 provided exceptional discounts and promotions from local e-commerce businesses, and platforms in ASEAN. The event’s official website,, served as a portal to feature products with special deals. ASEAN governments screened all participating enterprises and marketplaces to assure authenticity, bolstering customer trust.

Through their participation in this regional effort, Secretary Pascual highlights the pivotal role of local MSMEs in supporting the country’s sustainable economic recovery.

The AOSD is a credible platform for engaging in e-commerce in a transparent, safe, and high-quality market environment supervised by the government. It helps regional manufacturing and business companies embrace digital transformation within a well-established ecosystem.

The previous year, 342 ASEAN firms participated in the event, with the Philippines accounting for 35%, a record among all ASEAN member nations. According to projections, the ASEAN e-commerce market will triple by 2025, rising from USD 100 billion to USD 300 billion. This trend will continue as more customers and businesses adopt online platforms. ♦

Date of release: 06 September 2023