Prague, Czech Republic–On 15 March, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and Trade Secretary Fred Pascual met representatives from ERA to explore the company’s interest in expanding its presence in the Philippines.

ERA is a leading Czech company involved in the development and manufacture of surveillance, reconnaissance technologies, and flight tracking systems. It plans to establish its presence in the Philippines and also advance the country’s crucial industry sectors including software development, IT infrastructure support, manufacturing, final assembly, and maintenance services.

“ERA’s plans align perfectly with the Philippines’ strategic vision for economic development. We’re excited about the immense potential for collaboration and technological knowledge transfer between ERA and other leading industrial players,” said Secretary Pascual.

During the meeting, Trade Secretary Pascual supported ERA’s bids as he highlighted the potential benefits of localization and joint ventures in key sectors. He stressed that this collaboration will foster cooperation between ERA and leading Philippine companies, ultimately boosting the country’s technological capabilities.

ERA plans to tap into the Philippines’ proven track record in electronics manufacturing. The country hosts over 1,000 companies operating in the semiconductor and electronics industry, employing approximately 3 million workers. Additionally, the country offers a strategic network with global electronics giant such as Infineon, TDK Philippines Corporation, and Dyson, already establish in the Philippines.

Furthermore, the company strongly eyes the robust talent pool of the Philippine Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry which is recognized by European companies. The industry’s commitment to innovation positions it well to support businesses, including those requiring digital and high-complexity work.

The Philippines also touts the 800,000 annual graduates across various disciplines, providing a reliable pool of talent for companies like ERA seeking to expand their operations in the Philippines.

Adding another layer to the potential partnership, ERA expressed its readiness to contribute significantly to both military and civilian applications in the Philippines. ERA’s ability to cater to both government and private sectors strengthens its position as a valuable partner for the Philippines.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with the ‘Make It Happen’ initiative, and the DTI and BOI stand ready to provide them with the necessary support to establish their operations here in the Philippines,” said Secretary Pascual.

“This partnership has the potential to significantly bolster our nation’s technological capabilities, ultimately creating new jobs and solidifying our position as a regional leader in innovation,” the trade chief added. ♦

Date of release: 16 March 2024