LAGAWE, IFUGAO — Twenty-nine (29) pieces from eight (7) micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) walk at the Layag ng Habi II Fashion Show on 17 June 2023, at the Don, Bosco Gymnasium, Poblacion, South, Lagawe, Ifugao. The MSMEs were beneficiaries of the One Town One Product Next Generation program, which offers design and product development capacity-building sessions. They were the following:

  1. Tuwali Etnika;
  2. Letty’s Collection;
  3. Bead Bitz by Mich;
  4. The Perfect Choice;
  5. Textile by Myle;
  6. Madamba Weaves and;
  7. Alindayo Weaves.

Carrying the theme, “Tales of the Loom”, the fashion show is one of the highlights of this year’s Gotad ad Ifugao celebration. A plethora of “inabol” (weaving) inspired apparel, including casual, formal, trendy, etc., graced the runway worn by diverse home-grown models with different sizes, age groups, and gender orientations, showing inclusivity from all people from different walks of life. The show was attended by patrons, fashion enthusiasts, government officials, and the general public.

Aside, from the OTOP Next Gen Creations, 10 DTI assisted fashion houses that highlight five weaving communities of Ifugao also joined the showcase. The following were:

  1. Abella’s House of Arts featuring the Lugo Weavers of Hingyon;
  2. Tribo Estilo featuring Alice Dulnuan Weaves of Hingyon
  3. Domani Fashion House featuring the Baliga Weavers of Hingyon
  4. Selaspell featuring Tribu Sabsabali weavings of Hingyon
  5. Etniq Filosofi featuring Banaue Loomweaving of Banaue
  6. Mira Kira featuring the Lab Ikat weaves of Banaue;
  7. Ifugao Nation, featuring the Kiyyangan Weavers Association of Kiangan & Hingyon;
  8. Oshkhie Design You featuring the Aguinaldo Weavers of Aguinaldo and;
  9. Tuccat Weaves featuring the Ngileb Weavers of Alfonso Lista.

In his opening message, Hon. Joseph Odan, the Sanggunian Bayan Chairman on Education, Arts, Science & Technology of Ifugao, mentioned that through activities such as the Layag, the province is able to show the world its great appreciation and efforts of preservation of its history and culture while looking forward to a more developed and innovative community. “Through the showcase, we do not only honor our past but also appreciate the present as we face the challenges of today and the future.”

DTI OIC Provincial Director Engr. Francis D. Pacio said that for an inclusive recovery, everyone should “Go Local, Buy Local”, a mantra upheld by the agency that pushes forth for the consumption and support of locally made products. As one of the many agencies that promote local patronage, the Trade Office ensures that products found in the locality are competitive and on par with imported goods.

Furthermore, Hon. Aezle Dumangeng, SK Provincial Federation Chairman, saluted all the weavers, designers, sewers, entrepreneurs, and models for conceptualizing and executing beautiful designs for the show. In addition, Engr. Carmelita Buyuccan, Gotad Task Force Chairman, urged local officials to continue supporting the weaving industry by allocating funds to respond to the needs of local weavers. Finally, Hon. Governor Jerry U. Dalipog expressed his happiness in this year’s Layag ng Habi and hopes that fashion designers will increase in number.

The Layag ng Habi II was organized by the Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) of Ifugao, particularly the office of the Sangguniang Kabataan, the Gotad Task Force, and the DTI Ifugao.

We look forward to another colorful year for the province’s local weavers.*

Date of release: 17 June 2023