NORTHERN MINDANAO – Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released on July 25 the new suggested retail price (SRP) for school supplies.

While certain items listed in the SRP maintained the prices, the cost of other items rose due to the global increase in the cost of basic materials of school supplies.

As of July 2023, notebook prices range from P23.00 to P52.00, while Grades 1-4 pad paper prices vary from P21.00 to P28.00. Intermediate pad paper costs from P31.00 to P48.75. 

Pencils range from P11.00 to P17.00, while ballpoint pens range from P9.75 to P19.00.

Box of crayons with eight  colors are priced for as low as P12.00 to as high as P34.00, depending on the brand. Twelve-color packed crayons costs P32.00, while the price of a 16-color pack varies from P24.00 to P69.00.

Erasers at small, medium, and large sizes has a price range from P4.50 to P20.00. Sharpeners are priced at P18.00 to P69.00 and rulers can be bought at P22.00 to P27.75.  

The “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies” was released to serve as guide to consumers in the upcoming school opening.

The full list of latest SRP as of July 25, 2023 can be viewed online at ♦

Date of Release: 26 July 2023