New SRP for basic goods, prime commodities released by DTI

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released the latest suggested retail price (SRP) list for basic goods and prime commodities.

Due to increasing prices of raw and packaging materials, productoin and other logistical costs, 73 Shelf Keeping Units (SKUs) or 40 food and 33 non-food items in the SRP list have price adjustments.

The price increases are for selected canned sardines, powedered milk, bread, noodles, salt, bottled water, processed canned meat and canned beef, laundry/detergent soap, candles, toilet soap, and battery.

Given the ongoing pandemic, DTI ensured that the price adjustments were kept to a minimum to still ensure that consumers have access to reasonably priced goods on the market. The full list of latest SRP as of January 27, 2022 can be viewed online at

Date of Release: 9 February 2022